My Father God Supreme soul

(This is words of the Father speak to his children)

You call me God, Jehovah, Allah and Shiva.
You have built churches, temples, mosques, and statues to Me.
You have waged wars in My name, and made sacrifices to Me.
You say that I am in nature, or in the sky
You say that I am everywhere.
When you suffer, you call out to Me for help.
When you are happy, you forget Me.

You have worshipped Me in human form
and yet you do not know Me.
Prophets and teachers have tried to point the way to Me,
but no-one has found Me.
I am the One with whom you can have all relationships.
I am not born and, like you, I can never die.
I am light. My form is a tiny invisible point.
You too are a subtle point of light.
My world is the world of silence and peace.
You used to dwell with Me there in that golden silence.

Differences between children who are souls and Father who is Supreme soul.
children who are souls
(all 5500)
Father who is Supreme soul
(only 1)
All souls take a human body, a costume, in which to play their roles on the world stage, within the cycle of birth and death. But the Supreme Soul is the One free from this cycle of birth and death, the One who is constantly incorporeal.
Souls, taking on a human body, are governed by the laws of action and reaction (karma), and there is either liberation or bondage, depending on actions. Beyond the laws of action and reaction (karma) because of not taking a human body.
The name and qualities have change for the body in each birth. The Supreme is the One who is totally fulfilled, eternally complete, and forever constant, constant in name (whereas human names are merely labels for the body), constant in qualities. No human soul has this constancy, and this is why we turn to God when seeking the stability we ourselves lack.

The most thought of Being - God

We are used to knowing things by seeing them, hearing them, tasting them, touching them or smelling them. Most of us have grown up in a ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘hands on’ culture and we are used to perceiving things in that way. And because we can’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell God, the question arises -- is God for real?

God lives, not everywhere but somewhere. A thought of God would almost always take the eyes upwards, as though perhaps expecting a face to miraculously appear from behind the clouds or to beam down from the moon. Thoughts are powerful as they are the means to link one soul to another and if they are properly channeled, they will go beyond the clouds and moon to a dimension of golden red light, where only the soul can travel. Immersed in the experience of the warmth of this light, the soul can feel that it is back where it came from, at home, and with God.

Like us, His children, God is also a soul. Unlike us, He is referred to as the Supreme Soul - the only soul who never takes a body of His own, gross or subtle, human or angelic. He is beyond the effects of actions and is never subject to the dualities of birth and death, pleasure and pain, success and failure. Being outside the cycle of time in this physical world, He retains absolute knowledge of the universe drama in all its dimensions. He is truth itself and can be recognized with the eye of truth. One can reach out to God with pure thoughts and be connected to Him. The soul experiences the response of pure feelings and spiritual strength. Whether referred to as He or She, depending on the nature of the relationship, God is the only Soul with whom one can have the fulfillment of all relationships.

Like the sun, no one can write their name on God - both give light to all, wherever and whoever they may be. The divine acts of God have been remembered in one word, ‘Shiva’. As the benevolent One, He serves altruistically, without any selfish motives, reminding all of their innate qualities of love, peace and happiness. As the merciful One, He explains the natural principles that govern life and teaches the method of performing right actions for the right reasons. As the seed of the human family tree, He nourishes the new sapling of human souls and makes them instruments in the creation of His garden.

People may wonder why God doesn’t wave a magic wand which would make or influence everyone to do exactly what He wanted them to do. But God never takes away the freedom of choice from anyone. God’s wisdom is to recognize and respect the soul’s individual identity, freedom and inherent goodness. God shares knowledge which gives the understanding of love and hatred, happiness and sorrow, and victory and defeat, but He does not make our choices for us. God’s love is to strengthen the soul’s will to free itself from the poverty caused by the vices such as greed, anger, lust, ego and attachment. The soul is free to choose -- ‘to be or not to be’, ‘to love or not to love’. God’s power is to help the soul recognize its highest potential and to aim for perfection by practicing the art of living. This practice brings a change in the whole of humanity.

Whatever the situation, I always have a source of help and strength to draw upon, an infinite reservoir of power and virtues that is only a thought away